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Nokia 9 PureView Review Five Camera Smartphone

Nokia 9 PureView Review 
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We've been hearing about Nokia and it's five camera smartphone for months now and today's the day that it finally becomes official then okay nine has a five camera set up they can capture really large amounts of detail from the scene I'm Ricky with yes arena and this is our first look at the Nokia 9 then okay nine is HM these latest global flagship phone and at first glance it does look a little generic from the front is a six inch screen there and, to be honest the bezels belong in twenty eighteen but turn it around and you'll see would know he's been developing it for a while now there's a five camera set up on the back now before the Nokia 9 came out I didn't think there was anything that could ever top the triple camera on the back of the while we may twenty pro but after seeing the photos that this thing was capable of I was so impressed this phone can take amazing looking shots there's a five cameras set up on the back they can pull all kinds of information from the scene and all of them are each twelve megapixel sensors with F. one point eight aperture lenses and they all have the same focal length of twenty-eight millimeters no he decided against using any telephoto or wide angle lenses because you would add a book to the back of this phone so two of the cameras are RG sensors and the other three are monochrome sensors and there's also that one black circle there that has the T. O. F. depth sensor as well the camera module was developed by light it was the same company that came up with the L. sixteen it's a device that literally had sixteen cameras on the back eventually late did offer to sell this technology to other manufacturers so that they could compete with other top camera smartphones like those from Huawei Google and Samsung with all those cameras then okay nine can capture so many different ranges of exposures with image stacking from all the sensors this camera can capture up to twelve points four different stops of exposures which are 
rivaled only two big sensor cameras the Nokia 9 pureview can capture up to twelve hundred layers of deaf and what that means for the phone is that it can simulate a much more realistic and smoother artificial bow okay than what we were getting with smartphone these days you can adjust the focal point and the blur effect after the fact and since the information is stored as G. depth it'll be fully compatible with Google photos so you won't rely on any third party applications to do these adjustments all five cameras are used every single time you take a photo and when you shoot in raw the camera can capture between sixty and a hundred and twenty megapixels of data in one image now of course when you take a rough photo it doesn't to be edited before you can publish it and the Nokia worked closely with adobe so that you can use the free version of white room to edit any of the raw photos taken with the Nokia 9 and now since the Nokia 9 runs android one.
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 It won't even be pre loaded as a blower app but actually when you first set up the phone you'll have the option to download the light room app during the set up now on that note the Nokia 9 does come with Andrew pie out of the box with the android one stock you why so it's very similar to a pixel experience and you're not gonna get any bloatware and it's worth noting that if you do get a carrier version you might not get as timely of android updates as if you got the unlocked version now let's take a look at the rest of the Nokia 9 because really just dove right into the five cameras so I the front is eight five point nine nine inch PO led display and that's with high quality HD plus resolution so you'll be able to see a lot of details from those raw photos you take with the camera and Nokia has integrated the fingerprint scanner into the display so that's a pretty cool feature above that screen is a twenty megapixel camera which also works with Tetris cell pixel binning so you should be able to get some really good low light self fees with this camera now again at the top and lower bezels are.
A little bit fake but who cares you get you're getting a five camera you getting six cameras on this phone overall the phone has a really nice design beers really tight tolerances on the rear glass and the aluminum frame and the phone itself is actually IP sixty seven water resistant now there's a really nice chamfer that goes around the entire frame and that seems chamfer can be seen around the buttons and this is just a very nice stylistic but also very detailed touch the phone is only eight millimeters thick and that's impressive considering there's wireless charging on the back that five cameras set up is there with no camera bump and there is a generously sized thirty-three hundred and twenty lamp power battery.
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The rear glass is tapered on all the edges so you get a nice curve that feels great in the hand when you hold it now powering the phone itself is a snapdragon eight forty-five chip and yes it's outdated for twenty nineteen but if Nokia decided to update to the eight fifty-five may develop into it just would have pushed the launch date much further back and no he didn't want to do that no kids did work very hard in order to harness all the power from the staff took a forty five in order to process all the details coming from all five cameras in a quick timely and efficient way as to not kill the battery down with taking photos on all this is a very compelling package from Nokia considering it's only going to cost seven hundred dollars now and at that price it's very competitive if you consider that the entry level Google pixel three is eight hundred dollars Nokia is planning a limited run of the Nokia 9 so once they're sold out that's it they're not gonna be making anymore now if the Nokia eight is anything to model the nines product map after we could see a refresh model and we have heard rumors of refresh model coming later in the year with five G. support and a snapdragon eight fifty-five but it's not a sure thing.
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Now the camera doesn't offer any really special video features only one RGB cameras in to be used to capture video and the T. O. F. sensors also gonna be involved in that process somehow it's also worth noting that there is no optical stabilization in these cameras but there is electronic image stabilization for video the camera is the most compelling feature of the Nokia 9 and it's definitely gonna raise the bar for the future of smartphone technology and the smartphone specifically cameras and camera systems and as we see now more five camera smartphones we're gonna keep seeing more cameras added on and seeing how far the computational limits of camera smartphone photography can be pushed with foldable smartphones now coming from Samsung and even while way and the future of camera photography twenty nineteen is shaping up to be a very exciting year for smartphones so that's it I hope you guys enjoyed this video please let us know your thoughts in the comments down below on the Nokia 9 and it's beastly five cameras set up subscriber channel so you don't miss more videos like this one and be sure to check us out at yes and ring dot com for more specs news reviews and more and the B. C. coverage coming up this weekend I'm working with yes a marina and thank you guys for watching.

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