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The Happiest Country 2018

The Happiness Report for the United Nations on March 14 released the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Based on the information collected from 156 countries in the world from 2015 to 2017, this year's report was made.
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Six reports were given priority in this report. These facts are that people's income, independence, fidelity, life expectancy, social co-operation and generosity of a country. Based on these data, Finland has been named as the happiest country this year.The countries that were in the top ten in the 2010-2017 report, they are also in the top ten this year. Only the place has changed in the list. This means that no new country can enter the top ten.
Professor John Hallowell, professor of the University of British Columbia and the report, said: "The position of the first five countries is almost the same. And among these four countries - Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Finland - these reports have been at the beginning of the list since the first year.
This year a new topic has been added to the World Happy Report, and it is the 'Country of the Happiest Immigrants in the World'. Finland also has the first place. Between 2005 and 2015, 1127 countries surveyed immigrant or immigrant results. According to the report, the immigrants of Finland are living the happiest life.It is to be noted that this HappyNews report started from Bhutan. Bhutan has 97th position in this year's list. The country's Prime Minister proposed to celebrate World Happiness Day in the United Nations in 2011. A year later the United Nations General Assembly announced World Happiness Day on 20 March.
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