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Terrorist And Military Women Rape In Syria Is Equally Involved

The militant and military members of the country are equally involved in the intentional rape of Syrian women and children. According to a report on Thursday, the United Nations said One of the investigations by the agency revealed that the Syrian people had to face in the face of war crimes during the war Most of the arm was behind the Syrian internal militant groups. In addition, a number of senior army officers are involved in the investigation of the investigators.
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According to the report, many women have chosen the way to suicide after being tortured. The allegation of torture against militant organizations IS and women and young girls are not new. There are allegations of stone-throwing in the name of maintaining law and order. The investigation report has found that more than 20,000 people have fled the city of Hamuria and the surrounding areas of South-East Syria, to protect themselves or to protect their family from this kind of torture.
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