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Russia Will Send Spacecraft To Mars

As part of the new space program, Russia will send spacecraft and Mars to Mars, said President Vladimir Putin. He wants to start the Mars campaign in 2019, but there is a problem in it.
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In a speech on Thursday, March 15, Russian President said that he will send a spacecraft to find water in the moon. At the same time, in 2019, he expressed his willingness to send unmanned space missions to Mars.Putin further said, the Russian Space Agency could send people to the moon. This mission will continue in the continuation of the Soviet Space Program. During the Cold War, America and Russia were competing to send the first man to the moon. Now the country is trying to send people to Mars. Private companies such as Space X are competing with them.Putin said that the Russian astronauts will monitor the moon landing. Recently researchers have thought the moon could have water. Russia wants to verify the authenticity of that idea Apart from this, the space agency could use the moon to monitor other planets.
Of course, sending missions to Mars in 2019 is not possible for Russia, there is doubt about it. Never rocket rockets for Mars. To follow a policy called the Homeman Transfer Orbit, to launch a rocket on another planet. Mars is the nearest place in the world after every 26 months, and is 56 million kilometers. In May of this year there will also be a place in Mars. At that time NASA's Insight spacecraft will be launched to Mars and it will land on November 26th. But then again Mars and Earth will be closer to 2020.
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