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Putin is the Russian president again

The BBC has announced that Putin has gotten 73.9 percent of the vote. He effectively lost his adversaries. President Putin's trademark is 'effective president, solid Russia' He didn't take an interest in any TV discuss before the decision. Not to have appeared on TV is something new to his decision battle. However, conclusion surveys say Putin will get 70 percent of the vote. Putin's opponent this year, seven Among them, cleared out wing store man Pavel Grudinin, previous TV moderator Ksenya Sobchak But none of them will get in excess of 8 percent votes - the supposition survey was so comparative. 
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Voting starts at the nearby time in neighborhood time at 8:00 in various parts of Russia. It remained constant till eight o'clock. Voting closes in Russia's remote territories. Alongside the ordinary citizens, numerous photographs and recordings of the nation's stars voted in favor of the Russian media and online networking. Russian instruction chief Vladimir Kösar was conceived in Irkutsk, Russia's Siberian city, in 1941. Numerous times of living in Moscow 77-year-old Vladimir Kotsar in the wake of voting at a middle in Moscow shared the photo on Facebook.
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