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Hundreds Of Gold Bars Spread Over The Runway

A cargo carrying a precious metal bar was fueling at Siberian Yakutsk Airport. But there was a hazard at the time of flight flying. A few tons of gold and silver bars spread on the runway, opening the door of the aircraft.
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The Guardian said on Thursday, March 15th, this is a hazard by opening the doors of an interchangeable cargo plane carrying valuable metal bars from the Kupol Gold Mine of Russia on Thursday. The plane had 9.3 tonnes of precious metal bars, according to the media.
This happens because the cargo plane is not properly stored inside the cargo plane. At the time of the flight flying, the goods moved and pressurized the door. As a result, fewer times the door opens. The plane was forced to land an emergency landing at the airport.
Local media reported that the police immediately closed the runway so that nobody could look into the runway. According to the TASS News Agency, the Guardian said 172 times weighing 3.4 tonnes were recovered from the runway. There was no damage.

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